Best Documentary Film, presenting Working Class problems, Manhein, Germany 1990.

“Jury’s Prize,” Sundance Film Festival, USA 1990.

“Golden Gate,” Honorable Mention of Sociology, 33rd International film Festival of San Francisco, USA 1990.

“Special Jury Award,” International Festival of Aurillac, France 1989.

“Jorge Silva Award” Best Colombian Documentary Film, “Bogota International Film Festival, “ Bogota, Colombia 1987.

“Cine Clubs," International Festival of Film and Animation Oberhausen, Germany 1986.

“City Hall Award,” International Festival in Leipzig, Germany 1986.

Best Latin-American Film, Festival of Indigenous Peoples, Mexico 1985.

Best Latin American Film, Huelva, Spain 1982.

Best Expression of Human Values “Chamber Theater House,” Cartagena, Colombia 1982.

Best Latin-American Film, Festival of Indigenous Peoples, Mexico 1985.

Best Latin American Film, Huelva, Spain 1982.

Chamber Theater House “Best Expression of Human Values,” Cartagena, Colombia 1982.

“Colombian Full-length film,” Best Director “Focine” Cartagena, Colombia 1982.

 “Fiprecsi,” International Federation of the Cinematographic Press 1982.

“OCIC” International Catholic Film Office. International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany 1982.

Young Cinema Award “Colcultura,” Best Colombian Film, Bogota Colombian 1977.

“Novais Teixeira” from the critics Grenoble, France 1977.

Best Film at the “Grenoble” Festival, France 1977.

“Novais Teixeira,” Best Film Festival in Grenoble, France 1976.

“First Prize,” International Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany 1976.

 “First Prize,” Educational film festival, Mexico 1976.

 “Katolishen Filmarbeit” Mention, Oberhausen, Germany 1973.

“Evangelishenfilmcentrums” International Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany 1973. 

 “Grand Prix,” International Festival of Tampere, Finland 1973. 

Best Colombian Documentary, International   convention of Films on the Social and Urban Issues, Bogota, Colombia 1972.

“Fiprecsi”, Best Film, International Federation of the Cinematographic Press 1972.

“Colcultura” award, Best Colombian Film, Cartagena, Colombia.

“Golden Dove” International Film Festival Leipzig, Germany 1972
Martha Rodriguez has been an independent filmmaker since 1960. She has worked actively with diverse political and social movements: agrarian
students, indigenous communities and Afro-Colombian communities, and several unions. In the past years she has completed a trilogy of documentaries about the Afro-Colombian community. At present she is completing a documentary about the ethnocide of indigenous communities in Colombia. She is also an active researcher, publishing articles about the origins of indigenous cinema in Colombia, and creating documentary workshops to train members of indigenous communities.
Her documentaries have received many awards worldwide and have had recently several retrospectives in europe and Latin america: 100% Colombia in Paris, France 2005, “imago,” Barcelona, Spain. Honor guest, Festival 50-DOK Leipzig, Germany 2007. 
I 2008 Marta was awarded with the award "A Whole life dedicated to Cinema" from the Colombian Ministry of Culture 2008, as well in  Bolivia she was recognized with a Life Time Dedication award for her work with the indigenous communities in Latin-    America.